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Mobile Tower Crane Operator Training

Mobile Tower Crane Operator Training

You can start working as a mobile crane operator after completing a basic course at A2Z heavy institute which covers everthing you need to get a license. A crane license is required to operate any cranes. Mobile crane operators are responsible for operating cranes at construction sites.

Mobile Cranes are designed for the ease of transport of goods and materials. An expert operator can safely handle even unassembled materials, using a Mobile Crane. Many engineering, construction and industrial projects across the world will require your service.





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Theory Session
18 Hours
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Practical Session
40 Hours
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20 Mins+ 30 Mins
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Course Completion


Our course curriculum is designed, considering the standards and requirements on a global scale. The content and way of instruction help you to be an eligible employee across various industries.

Duration: 1 Month
Eligibility Age: 18 Years
License: Govt License to Operate Crane

Crane operators are required to undergo training before they begin working. This training usually takes place in a classroom setting where they learn safety rules and regulations. However, some employers choose to conduct their own training program instead. Mobile crane operators are responsible for operating mobile cranes safely and efficiently. They also ensure that they comply with safety regulations.

This course provides training on the operation of mobile cranes and their components. The mobile crane operator is responsible for ensuring the safe movement of loads using a mobile crane. In addition to being trained on the proper operation of the equipment, they should also receive training on the laws governing the use of mobile cranes.

What is a mobile tower crane?

A mobile tower crane is a type of crane that is designed to be transported to different job sites on a truck or trailer. It is typically used for lifting and moving heavy loads in construction, industrial, and manufacturing applications.

Mobile cranes have a telescopic boom that can be extended and retracted to reach different heights and distances, as well as a counterweight that helps to balance the load being lifted. They are equipped with wheels or tracks to enable mobility and stability during operation.

Mobile cranes come in different sizes and capacities, ranging from small models that can lift a few tons to large ones that can lift hundreds of tons. They are often used for tasks such as hoisting building materials, placing equipment and machinery, and loading and unloading cargo.

There are several types of cranes such as gantry cranes, derrick cranes, tower cranes, rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, mobile tower cranes, off shore cranes or aerial lifts.


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This course covers the basics of mobile crane operations.

  • Students will learn about the various types of mobile cranes, their components, and the safety precautions required during operation.
  • Mobile crane operators are required to keep their vehicles in good condition, and they need to be able to handle the crane safely and efficiently.
  • This training will prepare you for the test, which is required by law.
  • The mobile crane operator training course is designed to teach you how to safely operate a mobile crane.
  • You will learn about the operational features of a mobile crane, how to properly position the vehicle and load it, how to set up the controls, and how to perform safety checks.
  • You will also learn about the types of materials that can be lifted with a mobile crane and safe working load calculations.
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Advantages of getting trained in mobile tower crane operation

Increased job opportunities: Mobile crane operators are in demand in many industries, including construction, manufacturing, and logistics. By getting trained in mobile crane operation, you will acquire skills that can make you more attractive to potential employers, increasing your job opportunities.

Enhanced productivity: A skilled mobile crane operator can complete tasks quickly and efficiently, helping to increase productivity on the job site. By getting trained, you will learn how to operate the crane effectively, which can lead to faster completion times and increased efficiency.

Better earning potential: Skilled mobile crane operators are often paid well, and the demand for their services can drive up their earning potential. By getting trained, you can position yourself to earn a higher salary and potentially advance in your career.

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